Fetch the remote, Fido! There’s a new channel just for dogs. “Unlike any other TV channel, every picture and sound on DOGTV is designed 100 percent for dogs,” says Bonnie Vieira of the TV station.

Some DOGTV shows have relaxing sounds to help dogs that get nervous when they’re home alone. Others have scenes of dogs playing with balls, people, and other dogs. The shows are filmed from a dog’s point of view, using colors dogs are able to see.

All TV shows are made of a series of still pictures called frames that are shown so quickly that they appear to be moving. The term flicker frequency rate is used to describe the number of frames flashed per second on a TV so that the frames appear to be moving. Each species needs a specific flicker frequency rate to see smooth motion. Humans need a flicker frequency rate of at least 55, but dogs need more—at least 75.

Would you want your dog to watch DOGTV? Why or why not?