The teams are picked, the players are focused, and the fans are ready. This week kicks off the NCAA basketball tournament. For the next three weeks, the top men's and women's college basketball teams will go all-out to win a national championship.

But they get only one chance to be the undisputed number one. This tournament is single elimination, meaning if a team loses, it goes home. 

The intensity of these high stakes games can send passionate fans into a frenzy. They may talk about nothing but Cinderella stories (small schools that pull off upsets), team seeds, bracket busters, and the multitude of reasons they believe their team could win it all. This basketball playoff fever is known as March Madness.

Tell me what you think about March Madness.  Do you like basketball?  Do you like to play or watch basketball?  Who are your favorite teams?  Who do you think will win the entire tournament?  Have you been watching any of the games this weekend?  Have you been checking your brackets?  If so, how are you doing?  Tell me anything you want about the NCAA tournament.