Welcome back students!  I had a wonderful break and I hope you did too!
I didn't go anywhere for vacation, but I still did a lot around here.  I visited and enjoyed spending time with many different friends and family.  I did a lot of shopping and running errands.  I went to the dentist and did a lot of work around my house.  You could call it Spring Cleaning.  I also went to Louisville to a University of Louisville baseball game.  It was a lot of fun!  The weather was perfect and they hit three home runs.  They won the game 7-0!  
I also watched a lot of basketball.  I'm excited that Butler made it to the final game to play Duke.  I would love to see Butler win!
I ended the week celebrating Easter with my family.  
Tell me about your spring break.  Think back through the week... Think about each day... What did you do?  Who did you see?  What was your favorite part?  What was the worst part?  Tell me anything you want to about your break!