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Third Grade Handbook

Ruth Moyer Elementary


3rd Grade Policies


Grading Policy


Students will receive the skills based report card and letter grades each quarter.  Below is the reporting scale used:


A = 95-100%

B = 85-94%

C = 75-84%

D = 70-74%

U = Below 70



E- Excellent.  Skill level is above the standard expected at this time of year.


S- Satisfactory.  Skill level is at the standard expected at this time of year.


NI- Needs improvement.  Skill level is below the standard expected at this time of year.


AC- Area of concern.  Skill level is well below the standard expected at this time of year.


N/A- Not addressed.  Skill was not addressed during this period.


There are four quarters in the school year.  For each quarter you will receive a progress report and a report card.


Progress Reports/Report Cards Dates


September 22-Quarter 1 Progress Reports 

October 25-Quarter 1 Report Cards Sent Home

November 6 & November 9-Parent-Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, November 21- Quarter 2 Progress Reports 

January 10- Quarter 2 Report Cards Sent Home

February 12-Quarter 3 Progress Reports 

March 20-Quarter 3 Report Cards 

Wednesday, April 27--Quarter 4 Progress Reports

Pick up Quarter 4 Report Cards June 1

Homework Binder


  • Assignment Notebook: Each day students will record all of their assignments in their assignment notebook.  The students should copy the assignments the same way the teacher has written them on the Smartboard.  The teacher will sign her initials in the planner at the end of the day.  This way the students, parents, and teachers all understand the assignment expectations.


  • Monthly Reading Log: Every month students will receive a reading log.  The reading log should stay in the homework binder.  Students will read for at least 20 minutes every night.  Students should record the title of the book they read, how long they read, and parents should sign that the student has read in the parent signature area of the reading log.


  • Monthly Math Log: Every month students will receive a math log.  The math log should stay in the homework binder.  Students should practice their math facts for 5-10 minutes every night.  Students should record what facts they practiced, how long they practiced, and parents should sign that the student has practiced their math facts in the parent signature area of the math log. 


  • Fast Fact Friday: On Fridays the students will be given 25 math problems and they will be given 1 minute to answer as many problems as they can.  To prepare, your students should practice their math facts and complete their math log. 


  • Homework: Inside the homework binder there will be homework pages for the night.  Most nights students will complete an Everyday Math Home Link and a cursive handwriting page.   


  • Spelling Lists: Students will take a spelling pretest on Monday.  The students will get a list of the words that will go inside their binder.  The students should study the words through the week.  Spelling Tests will be on Fridays.  If students do not miss any words, they will receive a super speller packet.  The super speller packet is due on Friday.   


  • Fliers, notes from school, etc.: Any notes from school, graded work, or other papers that stay at home will go in the back folder of the binder.  In the front folder of the binder, you may put any papers that need to be returned to school.


Behavior Expectations


Respect, responsibility, and safety are stressed. Behavior modification charts will be used.  Behavior violations will be recorded in a binder.  The following consequences will be implemented on a daily basis:


  • Students will “sign up” for violation of class rules. 
    • One occurrence is a warning. 
    • Two occurrences result in sitting at recess.
    • Three or more occurrences result in writing a letter home to be signed by a parent and returned to school.


Tickets will be distributed to students throughout the week for positive behavior and responsibility.  At the end of the week, there will be a raffle of 5 prizes from the treasure box for students who have had good behavior.



Students are expected to complete their classroom assignments and homework assignments.  If students fail to complete either classroom or homework assignments (including the reading log) they will “sign up” and complete the work during recess.  They will also write the missing assignment in their planner.  Students will use their assignment notebooks as a daily record of assignments.  Please make sure to check your child’s assignment notebook to keep them prepared for class. 

We also expect the students to come to class prepared.  Losing papers and forgetting homework will result in “signing up.” 


Reading Log and Accelerated Reader

Students will be required to read at least 20 minutes each night.  Parents should sign their initials on the reading log to indicate that your child has read.  Your child will be required to earn 25 Accelerated Reader points each quarter.  This will be one of many grades in reading.  They will also get a grade on having their reading log filled out and signed.  It is usually an easy 100%. 


Classroom Community

Students will be assigned a classroom job approximately every other week. 


Make-Up Work

We hope that students can make it to school everyday.  If a student misses school we can send the make-up work with a classmate, sibling, neighbor, or send it to the office to be picked up.  All missed work is expected to be turned in completed.  If you are out with a planned absence, work will be available upon your arrival back and expected to be completed. 


Birthday Treats and Class Treats

You are welcome, but NOT required, to send birthday treats.  We have 20 students in our class.  Children who have a summer birthday can celebrate “half” birthdays or bring treats at the end of the year.  No edible snacks are permitted.  Students may bring in items such as pencils, erasers, or stickers.    


How to Contact Me

The easiest way to reach me is by email.  My school email address is katheine.mirrielees@fortthomas.kyschools.us.   You can also contact me by note, writing a note in your child’s assignment notebook, or phone at 859-815-2333.