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Classroom Procedures


happy schoolbus Within this back to school information letter there is important information about our classroom. Please take the time to carefully read my guidelines and expectations for the second grade. Second grade is an unbelievable year of growth both physically and academically. I want this to be a wonderful year for you and your child. If at any time you have questions or concerns please feel free to call, e-mail, or schedule a conference.



Monthly book order forms from a variety of different companies will be sent home. Ordering from these is optional. It does provide an opportunity to receive grade appropriate reading material at a reasonable cost. These orders are typically online. If you need a book order on paper let me know. If you use the book order form, send the book orders in an envelope labeled with your child's name. Please make all book order checks to Scholastic. The clubs will not accept cash.

M.O.O.S.E. Notebooks

(Management Of Organizational Skills Everyday)


The following items are in the M.O.O.S.E. Notebook; Homework & Take Home Folder, Zipper Pocket, and the Week In Review Chart. Remember to always return the M.O.O.S.E Binder everyday.


Homework Folder

All second graders have work at home Monday through Thursday in the areas of reading, writing, math, and theme studies. On Monday of every week, your child will receive a homework packet in their homework folder. Homework is due back to school on Fridays unless specified. Each student will read for fifteen minutes every night. Students will also be asked to study math facts every night. A math speed test will be given each week. Spelling tests will be given on every Friday. Assignments will be thoroughly explained in class. If your child is struggling on a particular concept and has been working for over one hour, please STOP! It is not intended for homework to be a nightly battle. Please circle the (H) on your child's Week In Review Chart and write a note on the particular assignment sheet that your child doesn’t understand. The issue will be dealt with at school. Homework should be a review (practice) of what is known, NOT a new learning experience! Since all assignments are due at the end of the week, I hope this allows your family to adjust time during the week to allow for completion of the homework given.


Please check your child's Take-Home folder each night. Prompt removal of the items is important. Please pay close attention to any items that need to be returned. Please return forms etc. as soon as possible. Thank you!


*Please put all notes for me, book orders, money, etc., into the Zipper Pocket clearly marked with the child's name. This will ensure it's safe arrival to school. When students arrive at school, they can place anything from the zipper pocket into the "S.T.A.R. box. This is a designated box in my room where things are turned in.

* The Paper is for us to be able to communicate back and forth. Please circle the (N) on your child's Week In Review Chart so that I will know to look in the notebook for a note.

You can also contact me at school by email amy.opitz@fortthomas.kyschools.us. You may also call and leave a message in my voicemail (815-2227). I will get back to you as soon as I can.


WEEK IN REVIEW (BEHAVIOR PLAN & CHART) *Please sign your initials on this chart everyday. Your initials go in the picture of a file folder.

On the first day of school, we decide as a class what our rules will be. They are then posted in the room. We will also talk about our rules as RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES.

Hiking Towards Good Behavior
The chart will be sent home everyday regarding your child's behavior. A parent or guardian must initial it daily. If misbehavior has occurred, after a warning has been given, the specific behavior will be marked.
" Yellow Star = Great Behavior
" Gray Star= Warning Given
" One Misbehavior (after warning given) = 5 Min. After School
" Two Misbehaviors= 10 Min. After School
" Three Misbehaviors= Sent to Office & Notification Sent Home

REWARD= If the class is exhibiting great behavior (all yellow stars) and gets compliments from other people in the building for good behavior we earn stones. We will earn a reward when we get our marbles to the line on the bucket. Then students get to decide on a reward.

On the Star chart the student will also rate themselves on their behavior and reflect on the week. Students reflections will be based on what they liked and/or learned during that week. There is a small box for you to make comments after reading your child's reflections.



BIRTHDAYS  happy-birthday-balloons.jpg 51.4K

Birthdays are exciting events that we are happy to celebrate in school. You are welcome to send a birthday treat (no food). Just make sure that you send in enough for the whole class. We will always share birthday treats at the end of the day. We will celebrate 1/2 birthdays for the students whose birthday is in the summer months. Students will receive a small birthday surprise on their day.

*If your child is having a birthday party outside of school, please do not send invitations in to be distributed unless the entire class is invited. This often leads to hurt feelings when children are left out. Thank you for understanding!


Our school day begins at 8:15am. If students arrive before 8:00 they are to go into the cafeteria and wait until they are dismissed. Students are permitted to enter the classrooms at 8:00. If students arrive after 8:15 they need to stop by the Office Annex and pick up a tardy slip before entering the classroom. The Office Annex is right across the hall from our classroom. The school day ends at 3:00.

If your child is absent, please notify the school office (815-2299). Also, your child is required to bring in a written excuse from the parent or guardian on the day they return to school. This is a state requirement and the written excuses will be sent to the office and put on file.



A lot of students have things that they want to share with the class. I definitely welcome this, but we will limit to only certain days. We will share on the last day of every month. We will start Show and Tell in September. How does it work? Students will sit in a circle with their item and show and tell about the item they brought in. They get 1 min. to tell about it. We have limits on items that can be brought in. Students cannot bring in anything that wouldn’t fit in their backpack. If it can’t fit in there don’t bring it to school.