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In order for you to play the game, you must complete your homework for two weeks and hand it in on time. This is how you move around the game board. If you do not have your homework finished, you will not get your chance to shake the die and move for the week.  Homeworkopoly will be played on Friday, or the last day of the week.

Students have a game-piece with their name on it. After I have checked that the homework has been completed for the week, you may go over to the board, roll the die and move your game-piece. Once you have finished your turn at the board, you are to go quietly back to your seat and finish the Quick Write for the day.  



Special Spaces
Mystery Prize: When you land on this space, you can pick a prize from the treasure chest.          

Brainbinders: When you land on this space, you will be given a language arts trivia question. If you get the trivia question correct, you will receive a sticker.

Game Spot: When you land on this space, you will receive a 10 minute game coupon that allows you to play computer or internet games during a regular class period (the teacher decides on the time of day).

Free Homework: When you land on this space, you get a free homework coupon. This only applies to one item on your homework packet.
Take a Seat on the Bus: This space is like the “Go to Jail” space on the real monopoly game. If you land on this space, you lose your turn, and you must move your game-piece directly to the yellow square diagonally across the board (you may not pass go). Your game-piece will sit there until your next turn.

Go: When passing the go space, you will receive a small prize.

Chance: When you land on this space, you will have the opportunity to pick up a chance card. You do not have to pick one up. Beware: if you pick up a chance card, you may receive a prize or penalty.

Community Lunch Box: When you land on this space, you will get to pick up a community lunch box card. These cards are always good to get because they entitle you to special privileges and prizes.