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Welcome!  My name is Yang Wen and I am a Biology/Chemistry teacher at Highlands High School. 

Before I was in Highlands, I lived in Memphis for 24 years.  I went to Houston High School and ultimately attended the University of Memphis for both my undergraduate and graduate degree in Biology.  I later moved to Kentucky and attended Northern Kentucky University for my Masters of Art in Teaching.  While I had the opportunity to move back to Memphis, my love for Kentucky and for the school system persuaded me to stay.
I am the youngest of three siblings and my family has been supportive throughout my life.  My father and mother are both restaurateurs, having operated successful restaurants in both Little Rock, AR and Memphis, TN.  I learned the restaurant business from both my parents, but my true passion is in teaching.

When I’m not planning lessons or doing something for school, I play with my dog, play on my computer or spend time with my son, Charlie, my daughter, Elsie, and my wife, Julia.  I also enjoy watching movies and going out to eat.  

I believe that all students can learn and with enough guidance, will become motivated to learn.  I implement different strategies for instruction in my classroom, from note-taking and dependent practice to group work that ranges from presentations to laboratory experiments. 

First, I lay the foundation of knowledge for the students.  These generally are in the form of power points and guided notes.  Afterwards, I will allow students to practice what they have learned and ultimately, allow students to self-assess themselves among their peers. 

I bring in topics that may interest students and allow students to contribute how Biology and Chemistry might affect their lives.  I introduce more complex topics and allow students to work in groups so that they may ask questions to their peers.  With the right guidance, practice and motivation, I believe that all students can succeed in my class.

***Note:  I use a lot of group activities in class that may not be posted on this website.  Group work is intended to be in-class and students must make arrangements to makeup a missing group assignment.

To contact me, my email address is

My contact number is (859)815-2647

***Please check the corresponding section each week to ensure that you are up-to-date with your binder, homework and dates for quizzes and tests.***
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