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Self-migrate email

1.1           Logon to Outlook Web Application 

Logon to Office 365 and open your mailbox through a web browser. 

1.2           Configure a connected account to migrate email 

The Connected Accounts feature enables Exchange Online users to connect external email accounts (such as their old mailbox) to their internal email accounts in Exchange Online, and then use Outlook Web App to interact with all their messages in one place. Connected Accounts automatically synchronize upon sign-in to Outlook Web App; users can also manually synchronize the accounts from Outlook Web App. 

The following describe the process for users to configure their mailbox to import their old mailbox data. 

1.      Using a web browser, logon to Office 365 and open your mailbox. 

2.      Click on the following URL to open the connected accounts option and skip to step 5. If it doesn’t work for you, continue with step 3. 


3.      In the upper right-hand corner, click on the ‘Gear’ icon  and select ‘Mail’ under ‘Your app settings’. 

4.      This will open a new window with a number of configurable ‘Options’. On the left side of the window select “Connected accounts’ under the ‘Mail’ -> ‘Accounts’ menu. 

5.      Click the ‘+’ sign to add a connected account. 

6.      You’ll enter the email address that your old account was renamed to and your password as it was set at the time of your migration. Click ‘Ok’. 

Student: <name>-stu.<district>@staffkyschools.onmicrosoft.com 

Staff/Teacher: <name>-<district>@staffkyschools.onmicrosoft.com 

Example (Student): 

Primary username: first.last@stu.adair.kyschools.us 

Renamed username: first.last-stu.adair@staffkyschools.onmicrosoft.com 


7.      You will encounter an issue connecting as this connection needs to be manually configured. Click ‘Skip’. 

8.      Select ‘POP connection settings’ and click ‘Ok’. 

9.      Fill in the form with the following information and click ‘Ok’: 

Display Name: <your name> 

Email Address: <the same email address from step 6> 

Username: <the same email address from step 6> 

Password: <your password as it was set at the time of migration> 

Incoming server: outlook.office365.com 

Authentication: Basic 

Encryption: SSL 

Port: 995 

10.      If you entered everything correctly, you will see the following message. If you instead see an error, make sure you have entered the Email Address and Usernames correctly with your password that existed when the migration occurred. If you’ve recently reset your password, try to recall what it was previously and enter it. 


11.      You will now see the account that you just added. Ignore the information about ‘Verification emails’ as you will never want to send as this old account. 

12.      Click on   

 to return to your mailbox. 

13.      Wait a few hours and your old emails should start appearing in your ‘Inbox’.