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Self-migrate OneDrive

In order to migrate your OneDrive files, you'll need to open your browser and enter your OneDrive URL and access your Old OneDrive content by logging in using: 

Username: <username>-<district>@staffkyschools.onmicrosoft.com 

Password: <Password is what it was at the time of your migration> 

Example (Staff): 

Primary username: first.last@adair.kyschools.us 

Renamed username: first.last-adair@staffkyschools.onmicrosoft.com 


Example (Student): 

Primary username: first.last@stu.adair.kyschools.us 

Renamed username: first.last-stu.adair@staffkyschools.onmicrosoft.com 


On the OneDrive site, select the folder(s) or files you wish to migrate. You can select all the files by selecting the checkbox next to the "name" column. See screenshot below. 



Once you've selected all the files/folders you wish to migrate, click on Download. 


Machine generated alternative text:
Office 365 
p Search everything 
Wood, Joel - Division of Engineering 
Shared with me 
Recycle bin 
U Download 
ES Move to 
[b Copy to 
3 selected X 
Name v 
October 4, 2017 
January 17 
January 16 
Modified By 
Drag files here to upload 
File Size 
AR Shared 
- Staff 
WC Middle School Staff 
PC Elementary


Now, all your old OneDrive files will be downloaded on your local computer. 


Now, close all browser sessions and open a new one. Login to your OneDrive, this time using your existing KYSchools account. 


For e.g. username: Primary username: first.last@stu.adair.kyschools.us 


Now copy all the files from the downloaded OneDrive folder on your computer, and drag & drop them in to your new OneDrive site. 



Following the migration, you may experience issues signing in to OneDrive for Business. To resolve this issue, you can right-click on the OneDrive for Business icon in the taskbar (bottom-right corner of your screen) and click on Settings.  



Machine generated alternative text:
Microsoft OneDrive 
Settings Account Network Offce About 
2 MB of 1,024 GB doud storage I jsed 
Manaqe storaqe I—lnhrü this PC 
1 location is syncing 
0 KB used on e-lis PC 
Add an account


In the Settings screen, click on “Unlink this pc”.  


Machine generated alternative text:
Microsoft OneDrive 
Unlink account on this PC? 
Your business content associated with account 
will stop syncing. A copy 
Of these files will be left on this PC. 
Unlink account 


On the next screen, click on “Unlink Account”. This will ensure that you are completely signed out of OneDrive for Business. However, please note that doing this will NOT delete any of your files stored in OneDrive for Business.  


You will now be prompted to login using your email address.  


Once you enter your email address and click on “Sign In”, you will see the signing in message as shown below.  


You will now be prompted with a screen that shows your new OneDrive folder on your computer. You can now click on “Next”.  


Machine generated alternative text:
Microsoft OneDrive 
This is your OneDrive folder 
Add files here so you can access them from other devices and still 
have them on this PC. 
Your Oreorive folder is h...\CneDrive - — 


The OneDrive client will now notify you that your files from the Old OneDrive account still exist in this folder.  



You will now click on “Use this location”. This will ensure that your old files automatically get uploaded to the new OneDrive for Business account.  

You can now click on “Next”.  



You will now be greeted by the OneDrive welcome screen, implying that the OneDrive client has now been setup with your new account.