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The following e-mail addresses can be used to notify your child's school of an absence, or to submit the reason for your child's absence. Additional information related to attendance policies can be found in the below message.


An Important Message from Fort Thomas Independent Schools -

We want to underscore the vital role that in-person attendance plays in your child's education.

Fort Thomas Independent Schools knows that attending school in person offers numerous benefits that contribute significantly to our children's development and future success. 

To be in compliance with the district’s attendance policies, all parent notes must have a clear absence reason (i.e. illness, funeral, etc.) listed on the note to be considered excused.  If the reason falls within excusal criteria, the note will change the student's attendance from unexcused to excused.  If it does not, the absence will remain unexcused. More detailed information related to attendance can be found in our Code of Conduct located on the “Student Services” page of the FTIS website. 

Unfortunately, a family trip or vacation does not qualify for an excused absence.  Vacations out of town during the school year will not be excused.  If you have an unusual future event that you'd like to discuss further with the principal, please please contact them so that we can be prepared for those absences.

We at FTIS understand that unforeseen circumstances may occasionally require a student to be absent. However, we encourage you to prioritize in-person attendance whenever possible. Your partnership in ensuring your child's active participation in school is greatly appreciated. 

We have set up email accounts that will be used to communicate your child's absence.  These five school attendance e-mail accounts will be routed to the respective school office staff.  The office staff will mark attendance daily after reviewing emails received.  

The attendance hotline number still exists, but there now is a message directing you to send an e-mail at the addresses listed above. Parents are unable to leave a voicemail on this line as all absence reasons must be documented in writing.

Each school will be sending automated attendance e-mails through Infinite Campus IF your child is marked unexcused on any school day.  These e-mails will be sent to the parents'/guardians' e-mail addresses listed in IC.  Please make sure that you have the most up to date contact information to ensure proper delivery of messages.  If you haven't completed the update in the OLR process, it is extremely important that you do so. A reply to the automated e-mail can serve as a parent note, so it is fine for a parent to respond to any attendance e-mail they receive stating the reason their child is absent.

Thank you for your continued support in ensuring the best possible education for our children,
Fort Thomas Independent Schools