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Portrait of a Graduate

Last Updated: 9/9/2021 1:16 PM

Fort Thomas Independent Schools Selects Key Graduate Qualities

Graduates of Fort Thomas Independent Schools should take with them a set of key qualities, in addition to academics, that will put them in good stead as they go forward in their careers and lives.  Identifying the five strengths that each graduate should have was the culmination of a research and development project that involved teacher, parent, and community input.

A graduate of Fort Thomas Independent School District will be a: 

  • Courageous Leader who displays high levels of leadership, optimism and hope.
  • Empathetic Collaborator who not only knows how to work with others but who respects other's perspectives.
  • Global Communicator who demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively in writing, verbally and interpersonally.
  • Curious and Critical Thinker who values inquiry and is always seeking to learn more.
  • Creative Problem Solver who demonstrates creativity and entrepreneurship. 


Why develop a Portrait of a Graduate?

The Board of Education charged the Fort Thomas Independent Schools’ Central Office Team with not resting on the laurels of achieving great things with regard to just the Commonwealth, but also the global marketplace.  Central Office administrators noted that the district had a great mission statement in place but had not yet identified a way to measure how and whether that mission was being fulfilled. In part, the mission statement says the district “provides engaging and challenging learning experiences which foster creativity, curiosity and innovation, while inspiring all students to pursue lifelong learning and become productive members of the global community.”  Our interests have been – and continue to be – to realize our district’s mission through the implementation of our Portrait of a Graduate, and an expectation that all students will demonstrate mastery towards each competency. 

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